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Terms & Properties

Concept Unique Identifier (CUI): C0871472

NCI Thesaurus Code: C53231  (see NCI Thesaurus info)

Semantic Type: Quantitative Concept

NCIt Definition: A statistical hypothesis test based on a test statistic whose sampling distribution is a t-distribution. The term "t-test" is often used in a narrower sense: it refers to a popular test aimed at testing the hypothesis that the population mean is equal to some value m (see also t-statistic). The most popular t-tests are aimed at testing the following hypotheses: 1. The population mean is as hypothesized (the population variance is not known); 2. The means of two populations are equal (the population variances are not known but equal); 3. The means of two populations are equal (the population variances are not known and not equal); 4. The correlation coefficient for two random variables is zero; 5. The slope of the population regression line is zero.

NCI-GLOSS Definition: A statistical test that is used to find out if there is a real difference between the means (averages) of two different groups. It is sometimes used to see if there is a significant difference in response to treatment between groups in a clinical trial.

CDISC-GLOSS Definition: A statistical test used to compare the means of two groups of test data.

Synonyms & Abbreviations: (see Synonym Details)
t test

External Source Codes: 
NCI Thesaurus Code C53231 (see NCI Thesaurus info)

Other Properties: Property Definitions
Name Value Source
Contributing_Source CDISC-GLOSS NCI

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